Holy Shit!


Sometimes only profanities can suffice. The Arizona Cardinals will be playing for the NFC Championship. Go Eagles! (if the Eagles win, the NFC Championship will be played in AZ. As my friend John Chandler pointed out, that sentence just sounds weird.)


7 thoughts on “Holy Shit!

  1. That dive for the end zone was gorgeous. Not to mention his leaping catch in double coverage. There’s definitely a growing excitement here in St. Louis for Kurt Warner. Enjoy it.

  2. Quite, we should be grateful for small mercies. But the sinking feeling after that anxious-computer-fire-up-wait still sucks.

    As much as I enjoy seeing your jubilation as the Cards roll onwards I have to say I really ought to support Philly as that is where I’ve spent most of my time I’m in the US, my closest relatives live out that way. I’ve already got grief off them for supporting the Panthers! But I would be not unhappy to see Warner and your receivers trot on to the SB.

  3. i’m really hoping warner wins a super bowl mvp. it’d be awesome if he has two or three more really good years and starts to build on his case for the hall of fame. it’d be such a great story for it to happen this late in his career.

    other than that, i’m royally upset with the playoffs. every team i’ve wanted to win thus far has lost, other than the cards. i was pulling for them.

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