Beyond Delicious

This 33-13 victory over the Panthers went beyond delicious. It was like eliminating the Spurs, sweeping the Dodgers and learning the Cowboys were bankrupt. It was the karmic reward for all those terrible afternoons spent on the wrong end of the scoreboard.

For the better part of two decades, Arizonans were bonded by the ineptitude of the Cardinals. They were our civic scourge, our punching bag, something we could all agree on. They were our lowest common denominator.

Now, we are united in triumph. Our first love – the Suns – has been temporarily displaced. A football town in waiting is showing its new colors, and waiting no more.

— Dan Bickley, The Arizona Republic


3 thoughts on “Beyond Delicious

  1. hooray for the Cards! surprising win in a big big way… way to go! traveling to place where the odds have been stacked against a team that refuses to lose at home and catching delhomme on a poor show fo sho!
    Cards all the way!

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