Still alive……

The team seems back on track. I’m thinking our chances will be much better against Carolina. Go Eagles! (If Eagles win, Cards will go to Carolina, which I’m assuming will be more Cardinal friendly in terms of weather.)


9 thoughts on “Still alive……

  1. Sorry, Zach. Even though they’ve always disappointed in the playoffs, I’m still a Minnesota fan deep down in my heart. And have you ever seen Eagle fans?? Those people are … less than nice. So I have to say, go Vikings!

  2. Quite right, first round bye and all that. But still, I think you’ll find it is quite necessary to root for the Panthers :p

  3. Steve, I could care less about either team. I only care that the Cardinals DON’T have to go to NY to play the Giants. Not that I think the Panthers are a worse team than the Giants, it’s just that we don’t do well in extremely cold conditions, evident in our performance vs. the Pats.

  4. Nervous yet? I am a little. I reckon all things going as planned the Panthers have a more complete package than the Cards and their running game should be sound against your run defence. But Warner and your receivers could just tear it up.

    I’m hoping the running game controls the clock and Julius Peppers just stuffs your whole game plan like he did against the Saints at BofA.

    We shall see…

  5. as a cardinal fan, i’m in a perpetual state of nervousness. it’s gonna be tough for the cards to win. they need to play their best game yet to do so. we’ll see.

  6. Stop googling! This is about football, not prayer :p

    The game kicks of 01:30 our time and I’m sorry, but I can’t justify staying up til 5 watching NFL Game Centre! Sadly this leaves me with the horrible nervous computer turn on and wait tomorrow morning.

    Win or lose I wont brag on here, I expect the same of you 🙂

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