Jon Stewart Schools Huckabee on SSM

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If you are opposed to same-sex relationships, you might want to prevent Huckabee from making your case. If you’re a former pastor and you get worked on national TV by a stand-up comic in matters of faith and sexuality, you should just stick to peddling your bad logic to your Fox News demographic.

Huckabee fears that allowing SSM will redefine what’s already been redefined many, many times. The idea that marriage has always been one thing is a myth and it’s bewildering that religious conservatives can’t see that. If Huckabee’s argument here represents the basis of the religious right’s attack on SSM, they are headed for big doodoo.


One thought on “Jon Stewart Schools Huckabee on SSM

  1. In all fairness I thought Huckabee did very well there. He didn’t get riled, he was respectful and he made his points.

    The problem he has is that his position is morally untenable. Jon is right, it comes down to how you view homosexuality, and clearly Huckabee feels it is a choice. I find that simply astounding. Without wishing to get too crass, consider what it involves for practicing gay men… how could you choose to do that if it didn’t appeal naturally? At which point you surely have to conceed that sexuality is absolutely not a choice. And then it is simply logic to allow two consenting adults to live in the positive manner they choose.

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