“Thank You President Bush”

A new group has popped up on Facebook called “Thank You President Bush.” Here is the description from the group page:

A group for all of us who realize what a challenging and defining presidency George W. Bush has had and want to thank him for being OUR President and a GREAT President. Although we may not all have agreed with everything that has happened, we will miss him and believe history will remember him well as the great leader he is who led us through some of our most trying times in history. Mr. President, we thank you and salute you…

You will be missed…

Overshot that just a bit. I’ve always found the “history will prove us right” argument pretty odd. I think in twenty years, Bush will be longing for days when his approval rating was in the 20-30 percent range. Just wait till he checks out, the bean spillage will be epic.

While I respect his willingness to serve and his commitment he made for aid to Africa (his single best achievement as President), he was a brutal failure as President. He has not kept us safe. More Americans died and he put more Americans in harms way than Ford, Carter, Reagan, daddy Bush, and Clinton put together. These folks seem to think that his responsibility to keep us safe started on 9/12/01. I’m looking forward to the “Dick Cheney, you’re so cute” Facebook group.


6 thoughts on ““Thank You President Bush”

  1. Yep, overshot by a mile I’d say. Reminds of a tiny a little blurb that I found in Newsweek this week about the Broadway show Will Ferrell is doing called “You’re Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush”… should be quite the show!

  2. I agree completely.

    What do you think of Obama keeping Gates as the Secretary of Defense? I personally couldn’t believe that of all cabinet positions, this is the one that he left alone, especially when he talked so much about CHANGE in the Iraq conflict. I have predicted from the beginning that he would do very little, if nothing, to change the course in Iraq. I think everyone who even partially based their vote for him on his “anti-war” position should feel deceived and used. I understand that he, as commander in cheif, has the final say in military policies, but I still think this sends a dangerously status-quo-esque message.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Ryan,

    By default, due to the agreement already made by the Bush administration and the Iraqi PM, Obama’s timeline of withdrawal is already in the works. And even Gates himself said that Obama’s plan was solid, while I’m sure he has some disagreements with some of it. So “Change” is on it’s way, Gates or no Gates.

    So, in my opinion, I actually think it’s a very smart move to keep him on, at least to oversee the transition out of Iraq. I think it’s sound move logistically and politically.

    And I think you must have watched a different election if you think Obama professed an “anti-war” position. More specifically, he was against the Iraq war. He’s said all along he wants to refocus on Afghanistan, where there is a war going on, right?

  4. My bad, I should have specified: “anti-Iraq war.”

    And like I said, I hope it plays out like you say it will. I guess I’m a little jaded when it comes to politicians saying things for political gain, which is probably because Bush has been in office since I was 12.

  5. I think we should be thanking Pres. Bush for getting so many young people fired up about politics and the way our country is going. Thanks to him, we have a huge, excited and motivated group of people who are going to fight to over turn his poilicies.

    So, here’s to you W… no get the hell out of here.

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