Purpose Driven Assassination

Rick Warren advocates the assassination of foreign leaders. Fascinating. I wonder if Mr. Warren realizes that there are mullahs all over the world using his same rationale for attacking the United States. Is one of the most influential evangelical leaders really this dense? No wonder Sarah Palin is so popular.


12 thoughts on “Purpose Driven Assassination

  1. That is awful. Christian religious leaders should be sounding the call for non-violent resistance teams in unstable parts of the world not advocating more violence. I read an article yesterday by an interrogator of the United States in which he states that torture begets more violence. Come on, Mr. Warren…

  2. I posted this earlier today at my site to0 (although, not with as great a title). Whenever I hear people talk about how some people just cannot be negotiated with, it makes me think that this person believes they are somehow different, better, or more rational than the person they assume cannot be negotiated with.

    I got comments essentially using the Romans 13 verse (as i usually do on this topic) to mean that christians can participate in violence. Although it’s a weak straw, it seems to be the only one that the “kill ’em, they can’t be negotiated with” camp can find. Not good.

  3. Jon,
    I wasn’t making the case that Romans 13 allows christians to commit violence. I was just saying that it’s the only straw that seems to be grasped for by that camp.

  4. Scotty, he never said the word “assassination” but he agreed with Hannity who clearly stated that he believed we should assassinate a foreign leader. And memo to Warren, we are all wrongdoers.

  5. Just because Warren doesn’t explicitly deny what Hannity says does that make him guilty? I don’t think I’ve personally denounced Attila the Hun’s reign of terror 1,600 years ago, does that mean I condone his actions?
    Before Warren gets attacked more than he already is I’d take a look at his fruits, acknowledge his shortcomings and then offer up criticism.
    And I’d like to take this opportunity to officially denounce the violent actions of Atilla the Hun.

  6. Austin, your example really doesn’t make sense here. Warren was asked if assassinating a foreign leader was wrong. He was given the opportunity to disagree. Instead he chose to support Hannity’s position with Scripture. How is that in any way not justifying assassination? If he disagreed with assassinating a foreign leader, then why wouldn’t he have said so?

    It’s like a guy saying, “I really want to kill my wife.” And his pastor resonds, “Well, it does say in scripture you can stone your wife if she misbehaves.” And then someone defends the pastor saying, “He didn’t actually approve of this guy killing his wife.” Please.

    I realize this is guy is evangelical superman to many and it’s difficult to come to grips with such profoundly troubling statements such as this. But let’s have a “come to Jesus” moment here and be honest. This dude is a wing nut.

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