Drum Blogging

Every drummer should learn this groove. Jeff Porcaro was/is a drumming legend (RIP) and such a fun and interesting drummer to listen to. I had the opportunity to record at his house, which has now been converted into a studio with living quarters. It was sort of spooky in a way, hanging out in the backyard by the pool, in the same garden where he collapsed and died. He was such an immensely talented drummer and has inspired many. “take me all the way…….”


4 thoughts on “Drum Blogging

  1. Cool beat. Glad of the break down on the hi-hat bit, I was totally confused cos the “ghost” with the snare sounds like hi-hat at first.

    Wouldn’t had said your drumming is too reminiscent of that style to date, but maybe you could tell me otherwise?

    I always think you’re an interesting drummer, cos a lot is as straight ahead as can be (Praise Chorus etc), but you’ve got some pretty tough beats too. Always wondered where stuff like For Me this is Heaven came from, was that one you brought to the song or something you worked on with Mark Trombino?

  2. It’s a deceptively hard thing to do. But if you take the tempo down to a 2 feel it kinds of gives you that Steve Gadd linear 32 note feel happening which is also hard to pull off well.

    Weckl has some juicy grooves with this kind of feel too, but this one is so smooth and open. Weckl can clutter his grooves with too much sometimes.

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