Don’t mess with the Satriani

Coldplay is getting sued by Joe Satriani and they’re gonna lose. I saw Joe Satriani with Stu Hamm and Jonathan Mover at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix around ’89. Formative moment, indeed. Jonathan Mover’s sweet hair, spandex pants, and water socks. Stu Hamm playing the “Peanuts” theme in his bass solo. And Joe just straight up rips your face off with his axe.


10 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the Satriani

  1. I seriously doubt Coldplay did this on purpose. Of course, that didn’t stop John Denver from suing New Order or the writers of “He’s So Fine” from suing George Harrison.

    To me, the weirdest part is how the Coldplay and Satriani songs are in the same key. That makes things a little too hard to argue. Then again, isn’t there a rule of thumb with seven notes of similarity?

  2. Being a musician (read hack), I understand that this sounds like a total rip-off. But I also understand that when you work within a key, or you find a chord progression that you really like, there is a chance that someone else, somewhere has created something similar. Nearly half of the worship songs out there use the same U2 bass line from “With or without you.” Music is creativity, but creativity cannot overlook influence (whether conscious or subconscious). I am sure that there are a few songs out there that sound eerily similar to a J.E.W. song or two.

  3. no doubt they sound similar. but if coldplay gets beat up for this, shouldn’t we also beat up every punk rock band ever. the same chords and progressions have been played for decades.

  4. the fact that the tempo, key, chord progression and melody are all pretty much the same makes me think that something is fishy here. if coldplay are smart, they should just settle out of court. they have no case.

  5. i just discovered this similiarity listening to my itunes last night….

    sound like a certain academy award winning song?

    let it be noted that lisa and damien are good friends with glen and marketa.

  6. Just a thought, but if you watch the video I link to below, you’ll see the key of the Coldplay clip in the Satriani video is different than the original Coldplay song. So that means the key coldplay used wasn’t exactly the same…but the progression is quite close

  7. I dunno, if Coldplay say they’ve never heard the Satch song, then it maybe tough to prove they had? Satch really isn’t that well known aside from to guitar geeks (at least in the UK that is).

  8. I think Satriani should take a solo on Viva la Vida the next time Coldplay plays for a million people. And he can set up shop and sell merchandise.

    Everyone wins.

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