Death by Greed

A man was killed by a stampede of shoppers at a Wal-Mart. They literally broke down the doors of the store and killed him. Read the story here. Does it get any more depressing? Maybe it does, but the senselessness of this is hard to take.


7 thoughts on “Death by Greed

  1. it broke my heart when i heard this morning. to make matters worse, 2 men shot each other in a toy r us out here in calif.

    life and love are such a precious gift and they are still free last i heard. can we give each other them instead?

  2. A sad day, Black Friday. What’s shocking is that none of the H.S. kids at our church had even heard that this had happened.

  3. there was one thing on black friday a bit more senseless than this. or i guess equally senseless.

    two people were killed in a shooting that took place in a toys r us store. it was the result of a fight that broke out between between two groups of shoppers in the store.

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