Knowledge of Good and Evil

When we lead with our judgments, love will seldom happen. If the mind that needs to make moral judgments about everything is the master instead of the servant, religion is almost always corrupted.

Some would think that is the whole meaning of Christianity, to be able to decide who’s going to heaven and who isn’t. This is much more a search for control than it is a seach for truth, love or God. It has to do with ego, which needs to pigeonhole everything to give itself that sense of “I know” and “I am in control of the data.”

I guess God knew that such would be the direction that religion would take. So God said, “Don’t do it. Don’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” What he’s trying to keep us from is a lust for certitude, an undue need for explanation, resolution and answers. Frankly, it makes biblical faith impossible.

— Richard Rohr, Things Hidden


2 thoughts on “Knowledge of Good and Evil

  1. What Rohr says here is GOLD! i think much of Christianity, as this is my tribe, IS CORRUPT because religion IS man-made. For many Christians it is about control and this control becomes a crutch rather than leaning onto and relying on GOD. Many Christians remind me of United States Foreign Policy, that is, they are the cops running around with the big stick ready to beat down those who disagree with their interpretations of what is right and wrong. If people don’t change, they are going to render themselves and their formation of Christianity as irrelevant and obsolete.

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