15 thoughts on “Drum Blogging

  1. sounds hot. The best kit i’ve ever heard was a wood-rimmed Ayotte, but i just don’t see very many guys playing ’em. Is this the Clarity x 10 tour kit? i’m getting pumped!

  2. legit. my roommate has been using his 10+ year old mapex kit, it’s in flawless condition, though he’d want to get a DW kit ( but that’s such a stock response ). he’d look into TJS or truth drums as well.

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    oh yeah… and the clarity tour is gonna be … awesome. any tips on getting some tickets for the hometown show?
    ::hint hint::
    ::nudge nudge::
    😉 😉

    that’s gonna be a great show man.

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  3. yeah, the ayottes are really nice. the kick drum is tough to beat. i’m not going to bring these on the road. i only bring out my dw’s for the shows. but i probably will use that snare drum, which is a solid shell DW.

  4. I have become a big fan of Pork Pie snares of late – probably that Herb influence on me.

    The debate is Zildjian v. Sabian. I started with Sabian and stuck with em. So much of its subjective I think with cymbals. But Weckl’s Evolution line combined with the retooled HH line in the form of the HHX’s is really crisp and mellow.

  5. That is a beautiful sight. I showed this pic to my hubby, who actually started drooling 🙂 He still has a really cheap Tama starter kit. Poor guy.

    I can’t wait to hear so new stuff from you guys!

  6. i don’t have any pork pie stuff, but it seems to me they are probably comparable most custom drum brands. they all pretty much get their shells from the same place, so i suppose it’s whatever look you like. same goes with “truth” drums. they are pretty much the same drums as all the other companies like OCDP, Pork Pie, etc.

    if anyone wants a great kit for less $, grab a 60’s Ludwig that’s in decent shape off ebay. make sure the shells have the white paint coating on the inside. you could probably get a decent 5 piece for 1k. i have a kit like this and i use it all the time in the studio. it totally competes with my way more expensive kits. the only downside is that you might need to spend more time and $ to give it the love it deserves, make it functional, etc.

  7. I have a late 60s Ludwig that I purchased for $900 off ebay in Seattle. The kick has some serious thump behind it, as it’s a “virgin” kick with no mounting hardware. Best drum purchase I’ve ever made. And it’s a beautiful green sparkle.

  8. I have an Ayotte drumsmith kit, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22 kick. we use 12 / 14 toms @ the church i work for. but the kick wasnt doing it for us in the house, so we got a 16″ ludwig kick that sounds like a freakin cannon! have you ever tried a reverse transducer (i.e. speaker) on the kick?

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