Baby Blogging

Johnny told me that Radiohead is way groovier on the headphones. If I could hear out of both ears, I’m sure I’d agree.

(BTW, I took this photo with my iPhone using the CameraBag app. I used the “Lomo” filter on this shot. If you have an iPhone and want more interesting photos, you can’t lose.)


7 thoughts on “Baby Blogging

  1. I didn’t know you had a hearing problem. Are you deaf or just have a deficit in one ear?

    I’ve had a 60% deficit due to a severed nerve since birth in my right ear. Makes it easy to go to sleep at night when you roll on your left one.

  2. He is just too cute, this just made my morning. I think that Claire would agree with his sentiment, she prefers the White Stripes on headphones when we travel.

  3. mark, i have complete hearing loss in my right ear, which is due to nerve damage early in life. not really sure how and when but it is what it is. and i’m totally with you on the sleeping thing. it’s one huge benefit of only having one functional ear. i sleep like a log.

  4. Zach,

    lately I have been talking to more and more musicians who are deaf in one ear. Do you find that you have to look to the side while drumming in order to hear the band better (or I guess did you ever) , or do you just have a killer in ear monitor that helps you out?

  5. He is so cute. I just want to pinch those cute chubby cheeks and ruffle that fluffy hair. On a side night love huge cushiony headphones like that, they are way better than ear buds. Rock on Johnny 🙂

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