Best Dunk Ever

Just watching the Suns pregame show with Tom Chambers and I remembered this dunk. Go Suns!


11 thoughts on “Best Dunk Ever

  1. it’s a tie for ‘best’ in that video :

    1. the dunk
    2. the fact that kj is in the video.
    3. the fonts … are … classic.

    and regardless of which gets crowned king of the best’s, it reminds me of my fondness for the marjele bars i used to eat in gradeschool while listening to kris kross while playing pogs.


  2. completely agree. somehow this dunk gets lost in the echelon of gravity defying feats. i still today think it is awesome that A) chambers knees mark jackson in the trachea resulting in B) having to duck to keep from hitting his head on the rim.

    look how bent chamber’s arms are when he throws it down.

    great post. good times.

  3. Ha! For whatever reason, at first glance I read your title for this post as “Best Drunk Ever,” which I took as a jab at Tom… anyway, yes, monumental dunk.

  4. This is definitely one of the all-time greats… But the best is arguable… As much as the Toronto Raptors fan in me hates to say this, you have to respect Vince Carter over the 7 footer at the Olympics…

  5. Here’s a clip of the KJ dunk (6 foot nothing verses 7 foot something) – not as visually dramatic, but in a tight game, fourth quarter of the playoffs. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed that loud at a television.

  6. dean, i’ll grant that KJ’s dunk happened in a more significant moment, but if I could claim one of the two dunks as my own, I’d take the Chambers dunk. C’mon man. He put his knee into another dudes trachea.

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