The Morning After…..

I’m gonna do my best to keep the post-election bashing to a minimum, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this work of fine art. You can see more of Zina Saunders artwork here.


4 thoughts on “The Morning After…..

  1. I think that about sums up where the party is going to be for the next 8 years. The socially liberal fiscally conservative wing looking at the socially conservative fiscally conservatives saying…this was your fault! and visa versa.

    Obama isn’t my guy, and I am about as scared of robin hood tax codes and socialist healthcare as you guys where about GWB…but I am interested to see what happens on other fronts…I think after the US showing it is willing to do more than bark, some of the more hostile areas may be excited to work with a new president, and that isn’t so bad.

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