It’s on John

I know I’ve been critical of Palin’s unreadiness, pretty often actually. But I’ve tried to always frame it in the context of it being more about McCain’s judgement than Palin’s failure. I find it especially despicable that the McCain staff are piling on her this way. In the end, it makes McCain look all the more reckless. Palin was way out of her league this whole election and McCain knew it. But instead of being a responsible, measured leader, he just bullshitted the American people all the way to November 4th.

If I were McCain, I’d try to reign in some of this nastiness from his staff aimed at Palin. It’s only making him look all the more dishonorable, as if that were possible.


4 thoughts on “It’s on John

  1. “doesn’t know Africa was a continent,” this is stupid, you can’t believe this guy… “we were told.” i stand by my comment that this is a lame story. i don’t understand why you’re posting this… i don’t get it.

  2. The reporter is just reporting what he’s been told by the McCain campaign. This same information from the McCain campaign is being reported by many different news outlets. Fine, you don’t believe this guy. I get that, but it’s being verified by numerous news sources. The point isn’t necessarily to discredit Palin, but to report that the McCain campaign is going out of it’s way to point out how badly they believed Palin failed throughout the campaign. My point is that this just makes McCain look worse.

  3. i agree completely. i was trying to explain to some of my students how unprepared Palin was to be in office and that it wasn’t her fault. ultimately, McCain is the one who selected Palin and had to know how unprepared she was.

    i thought it was a crappy move by McCain in the first place. now i feel bad for her…to an extent.

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