Arizona Tuesday Election Wish list……..

No on Prop 100
No on Prop 102 (Destroy Marriage!)
No on Prop 105
No on Prop 200
Yes on Prop 202
No on Prop 300

Dan Saban for Sheriff
Tim Nelson for County Attorney
Whoever is running against Yarburough and Nichols will get my vote due to all the damn robocalls I got from the them.

Oh yeah…….Obama for President of the United States of America.


7 thoughts on “Arizona Tuesday Election Wish list……..

  1. I was curious as to your reasons for no on 202. It seems as though a no vote would eliminate the e-verify system. I don’t completely understand it all, but am open to hear more of your thoughts on this.

    Also curious as to your reasons for voting yes on 100.

  2. on my sample ballot i did pretty much the same for when i go to the polls tomorrow.

    but all those darn other people… i don’t have the time to research them all.


  3. As far as 202 goes, I’m voting no because I don’t believe demonizing businesses who hire illegals is all that important. If we can ease the penalty, I’m all for that. It’s also better for small businesses. And to be honest, if Russell Pearce and Andrew Thomas are the main proponents, it’s not the preferred company I’d like to keep. 🙂

    105 is the most nutty of them all. It basically makes it so that on initiatives that seek to raise taxes, the votes of registered voters who didn’t bother voting would still count as a “no” vote. In short, it counts the votes of people who didn’t vote. It’s inherently undemocratic.

  4. Good for you for opposing Prop 200. We need to regulate the pay day industry, but this is not the way to do it. I hope this one fails tomorrow.

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