Joe the McCain Surrogate

Classy. It will be wonderful when this kind of McCarthyism will be firmly rejected on Tuesday. Then McCain can go sit in the corner for a while and think about his campaign.


2 thoughts on “Joe the McCain Surrogate

  1. “His ideology is completely different from what democracy stands for”?

    I think that McCain has long since thrown in the towel, which is why he isn’t even trying to stifle his would-be surrogates anymore.

  2. I guess it’s fitting as they won’t have to rename the “Red Scare.” Maybe just add an elephant to the logo… I’m always bewildered at the love of many to cut down and so unwilling to build up. Why not just talk about the happy McCain world that will exist — or is that the problem? Regardless if Joe can afford to “buy the business” it seems like things are going pretty well for him. I guess I could see how change could scare him. Democracy stands for my family first I guess — which seems more suited for a Monarchy. 😉

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