Free-Market News Bias

“Contrary to conspiracy theories on the right and the left, there is no cabal at the top that runs the media. Each of our media outlets winds up supplying what its customers want. If the New York Times and Washington Post are more liberal than Joe Sixpack, that’s because their customer base is also. Fox News is in the same position on the right. If you think a particular media outlet is biased, then stop whining and just switch to another one!”

— William Easterly, Professor of Economics, NYU, from The Arena

One thought on “Free-Market News Bias


    While I don’t think people should rely solely on a single news source because of this, its nice that some one finally admits that yes…the times is slanted left…and YES Fox news is (a joke) biased to the right!

    Pretending either is straight up proves to me that a person is unable to do any critical reading.

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