Absolute Garbage

Going down in flames. If anyone believes Palin will be a serious contender in 2012, they are seriously kidding themselves. In her own state of Alaska, she raised taxes on oil companies in order to distribute the additional tax revenue to each citizen in the state. I wonder if Alaskan citizens feel like they’re no longer “free.” Unreal.


2 thoughts on “Absolute Garbage

  1. “Going down in flames,” indeed. I thought McCain was incoherent, but Palin sounds as bad here as he does. Is it their speech writers who are incoherent?? Crazy.

    No wonder she’s “going rogue.” Time to start distancing herself from this miserably bad McCain campaign.

  2. i think a women shouts the “N” word from the crowd. i thought i heard it the first time and later read on sullivans sight that this happened and so i double checked. what do you think?

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