Gotta Get Me Some of That Alaskan Socialism

Marc Ambinder on the hypocrisy of Palin’s “Socialism” charge against Obama:

This socialism thing.
A, it would have been more convincing had McCain opposed the original bailout and not proposed austerity for everyone and then ruled out lots of programs and then proposed lots of new spending.
B – Palin is going on about Obama and wealth redistribution.
Palin taxed oil company profits and cut $1200 checks for every Alaskans.
That’s spreading the wealth. Redistributing some money.
The McCain campaign talks about Palin’s executive experience.
So Obama might have socialistic inclinations… Palin’s gotten it done.

Further more, any kind of tax is a redistribution of wealth. If you don’t like the idea of socialism or any program that remotely resembles socialism, then take your kids out of public schools and never take public transportation. If you got a conviction, then stick to it.

And not to beat a dead horse here but if you make over $250k per year, then you won’t be taxed any more than you would have been under Reagan. Maybe I’m missing the attacks on Reagan’s socialist tax policy.


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