Good Books

Phyliss Tickle’s The Great Emergence is one of the best books I’ve read all year. The notion that there is a significant shift happening within the Christian faith isn’t necessarily a new concept. But she places the current “emergence” in the context of the history of Christianity in a very eye-opening, thoughtful way.

Rob Bell and Don Golden’s Jesus Wants to Save Christians is fantastic. I trust it will challenge many as it did me.

Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates is a very humorous and informative account of the Massachusetts puritans journey to America. Great read.

9 thoughts on “Good Books

  1. I would like to add that anyone who is not initially interested in Bell and Golden’s book should head on over to Amazon and check out the negative reviews of it. The ignorance of those reviewers, and the fact that in their defensive rants they exude the exact non-Jesus-looking characteristics that the authors seek to expose in the American church, is precisely what inspired me to read the book. Great recommendations Zach.

  2. bells book was a quick but good read. i’ve been wanting to read tickles book for some time so it’s good to hear a good endorsement. i just finished rohr’s everything belongs and i think it’s one of the best books on christian spirituality i’ve ever read.

  3. Zach, I saw Tickle at Youth Specialties in Sacramento, I actually thought of you while she spoke, I have her talk on dvd, if you are interested let me know… She was quite good and Hilarious.

  4. I was at the bookstore deciding between Bell’s book and Scot McKnights book “The Blue Parakeet”

    I chose Scot’s book, but will have to pick up Bells book soon. I didn’t know The Great Emergence was already out… The only thing I don’t like about Rob Bell is



    writes like this

    on every



    It is a 200 page book with like 120 pages of text.

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