The Truth Isn’t Always Relevant

Just because something might be 100% truthful doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth getting on your soap box and shouting it out loud, or in McCain’s case, robo-calling folks. By his same standard, it would then be perfectly within the bounds for the Obama campaign to call voters and recount how John McCain cheated on his first wife, who was crippled in a wheel chair, and then divorced her in order to marry Cindy McCain. Or that Cindy has a history of illegal drug use and stole prescription drugs from her own non-profit foundation that provided medical needs for children in developing countries.

The problem here is that these items of information are really irrelevant to McCain’s ability to be President as are the Obama’s past connections to William Ayers. We all make mistakes, we all overlook things maybe we shouldn’t have, we all have times in our lives that we wish we could re-live.

It’s hardly a defense to say these robo calls are appropriate just because they may be truthful. It’s unfortunate John McCain can’t decide to lose gracefully or at least with some shred of dignity in tact.


2 thoughts on “The Truth Isn’t Always Relevant

  1. The problem with Ayers isn’t that this is a single association that Obama had, but that it’s part of a consistent pattern of running with the radical left, voting with the radical left, but speaking as a centrist. He has had extensive associations with Ayers (including giving him a supportive blurb for his book), ACORN, Rezko, Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, and was a “New Party” member.

    Then, when these associations are exposed, he usually first denies them or brushes them off, and then when he can’t get that to stick, he expresses surprise about what it is that they believe and say, and minimizes the relationship, often times bordering on or going over to the counterfactual.

    Obama won his first election by hiring someone to disqualify all of his opponents on legal technicalities.

    The fact is that Obama is clearly a part of the radical left, but attempts to appear mainstream. The point of showing the association with Ayers is that most Americans aren’t familiar with the other radical groups, and Ayers’ radical behavior is easy to describe in a 30-second ad. Obama’s association with Ayers is just typical Obama – he is a left-wing radical just trying to sound folksy.

    A good series of articles is Sowell’s The Real Obama.

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