An image that says it all……

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I am convinced my good friend Shane Hipps is right. It really has very little to do with what’s actually said in these debates. Whether or not a candidate connects with the audience has everything to do with demeanor, posture, calmness, confidence and, let’s face it, good looks. We’ve learned that regardless of McCain’s actual ideas he has for this country, he’s shown a consistent inability to check his anger, grumpiness, and straight up contempt for Senator Obama. Viewers pick up on this and it muddies the lens of how they view McCain in a way that makes not preferring Obama a difficult task.

Photo by Emmanuel Dunand.

(HT: Andrew)


2 thoughts on “An image that says it all……

  1. Media has indeed changed the game, and the change is a radical departure even from the way it was in 2000 when Bush ran, let alone, say the 1980 election.

    It is the way it is, but it is also a sad day for us as well. In the ancient Greek world, the Sophists were highly-paid, highly-regarded “scholars” who taught the most revered and coveted art of rhetoric–they taught their students how to convince people of anything, whether or not it was true. It was these Sophists who become the Pharisees of the Platonic dialogues. We watch Socrates rip the Sophists apart as he posits his theory of the “forms.” Interestingly enough, the Greek word often used for “forms” is “idea,” and you said that “actual ideas” don’t matter, and you are probably right.

    My question is where is our Socrates who cuts through the media-saturated sophistry to get to the heart of the matter? Is it even possible now to challenge the prevailing trend?

  2. Years ago people laughed Marshall McLuhan (who Shane Hipps has carefully made sense of at times) as he picked apart the first TV debates based on nothing they said, but totally on their appearance and demeanor… but listening to talking head going on about McCain’s “smirk” today I realize he was correct then as you and Shane are today. I wish McLuhan was around to give his opinion the Facebook, text messaging and other campaign methods…. hey maybe you could please remind that Hipps guy that he has a blog too 🙂

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