Good for him…..

Now maybe he can relay these same sentiments to his running mate.


7 thoughts on “Good for him…..

  1. This is a bit more like the McCain I’ve seen prior to his electoral campaign (which has rather nullified the individuality that I respected about him).

    But for the record, I’d just like to point out that arabs can also be respectable family men. “Arab” shouldn’t be an insult, it just means someone who grew up speaking arabic surely?

  2. it was obvious that arab for that lady meant “muslim terrorist.” especially since she said that, i think (i can’t remember what all she said, but i saw the whole thing twice). it’s like everyone i know from my hometown (including most of my family). sad but true.

    and it was nice to see mccain essentially tell her to shut up. it also seemed like he was saying “yeah, i won’t win, so i need to at least save face.” it was almost like he was conceding the race.

    then again, he could have also meant something like “you don’t need to be scared of him as president due to his ‘arab muslim terrorist’ identity, because he’s none of those things. but he’d be scary for other reasons.”

  3. i think you’re right, sean. by “arab” she meant “muslim”. there is a youtube clip of her being interviewed after the rally and the reporter asks her about this very distinction. the funny thing is she came to this conclusion based on information from a flier she received from someone working at a McCain volunteer office.

  4. I think McCain was finally seeing that trying to associate Obama with terrorism was essentially hurting his campaign and a lot of the people that used to respect McCain for how he had differentiated himself within the Republican party (myself included) were now turning their backs on him. You can just see the turmoil in his face in this clip. I really do think he knows he´s going to lose and is trying to save face and save some of his integrity, like Sean says.

    My thoughts, exactly, though, Zach. He should have the conversation he had with that ignorant woman on this clip, but with his running mate.

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