“The bums lost! Get a job, sir!”

Andrew finds another great Palin parking lot moment from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Ultimately, it’s pretty easy to laugh this off, especially considering how ineffective the smearing of Obama has been:


8 thoughts on ““The bums lost! Get a job, sir!”

  1. Ugh. This makes me so sad. Especially when after being asked about Palin making women pay for their rape kits the guy says “She should pay double!” What?! Totally ridiculous.

  2. All I can say is, I hope that the guy who stated that the protester’s friend ought to pay double for her own rape kit never has to watch his own loved ones undergo that kind of trauma.

  3. This is seriously hideous. Fascist views effectively.

    Over here we could claim McCain is every bit as much of a terrorist for his Irish sounding name. Of course noone in England outside our tiny fascist extreme right would make the “terrorist” association to either of them

  4. These people are ignorant, but many, many Obama supporters are just as ignorant and embarrassing to his campaign. So, I think it is kind of a waste of time to point at someone’s followers and chortle.

  5. I agree with Matt, but only to a degree. I’m sure you can find a number of youtube clips of bad behavior by Obama supporters, but Obama isn’t the one inciting the specific bad behavior. The claim that Obama is a terrorist is so far fetched yet so widely proclaimed by passionate McCain supporters. I’m not sure we’re seeing anything nearly as prevalent from from Obama supporters.

  6. Just noting the pretty noticeable swing in your poll graphic thing there.

    Also wanted to say congrats on the Cards beating your favourite team!

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