Let me look at my notes……

I guess when you can’t bring the prompter along, just read your notes. The debate was so softly moderated that Palin could, for the most part, read her answers off her cheat sheet. I don’t blame her. Now it would be nice if she did a real press conference. Baby steps…….


2 thoughts on “Let me look at my notes……

  1. i noticed this during the debate. watch the part when she says “your plan is a white flag of surrender” it looks like she actually reads the one-liner off her note cards under the section “one-liners against the dems war strategy… no matter what biden says”

    what’s the point of having a moderator asking questions if you’re not going to answer the ones that are asked. i know this happens from time to time when a canidate wants to make their point clear, but i cant recall anyone specifically saying “i may not answer the questions you ask but im going to speak to the american people from the heart”. isnt the point of your answers, to the questions being asked, to speak your beliefs to the american people? why have a debate if one of the canidates is just going to read scripted notes.

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