That’s how much faith groups in Arizona have spent in order to support Prop 102, which defines marriage between one man and one woman. It’s mind boggling how Christians decide to spend their money with amount of very real problems we face in Arizona. This proposition is so useless, I don’t know where to begin. I’d love for any of my readers who support prop 102 to explain to me how it will make the lives of Arizonans any better.

And if we want our government to adopt a “biblical” view of marriage, then let’s attach to prop 102 the legalization of incest and polygamy.

8 thoughts on “$6,900,000.00

  1. Zach,

    Holy crap. That’s ridiculous. I’m from California, so I’m guessing it’s slightly different here. I just started working at a church in student ministries in June. I was surprised when my pastor brought some literature on supporting reversing the ruling for gay marriage in CA to a meeting. He doesn’t preach politics and had stayed away from this up to this point as far as I could tell.

    I’m with you. I can’t see how this would change my life.

    His one point, and really the only point because most of our discussion was how we do a poor job of loving people that are different from ourselves as a church (much more needed conversation), was that if he is asked to perform a same sex marriage, let the church be used for a ceremony, etc. and refuses that the church can be sued. Now if we’re willing to drop 6.9 million dollars for the hope of enforcing behavior modification, then maybe being sued is better.

    My question is how pastors can get behind legislation for the ‘sanctity of marriage’ when most pastors that I have met are more in love with their churches than their wive?. Or a legislation promoting ‘the family’ when their kids hardly even know them? It’s just crazy.

  2. $6.9M wow. In Florida, we already have a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, but that is apparently not enough. In November, we’ll vote on Amendment 2 which will add additional “protection” against judges who could reverse the existing constitutional amendment. Approximately $700K has been donated to date for this cause. Major donors include the GOP (obvious) and Rich Devos, the founder of Amway and the owner of the Orlando Magic.

    Here’s a link to a local columnist in the Orlando Sentinel and his take on the topic.

  3. What’s crazy to me is that Jesus never once mentioned same sex relationships even though they were definitely going on in the areas were Jesus traveled and lived, but He specifically said not to divorce. He said he “hates” divorce. Hate is a strong word coming from the Prince of Peace. But our churches tolerate divorce and remarriage, even though Jesus said that this would make both parties adulterers. If you’re going to legislate morality it seems like that’s the place to start.
    Christian hetero’s are the ones making a mockery of Biblical marriage.

  4. “Marriage between one man and one woman. Can it get any simpler than that?”

    It sounds like their central argument is 2 homosexuals getting married is just too darn confusing.

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