Palin Vs. Biden

Both Palin and Biden didn’t make any major mistakes. Palin bizarrely changed the subject multiple times and I’ll be curious how that plays out with undecideds. Aside from being upfront about not wanting to stay on subject and, for portions of the debate, reading her answers off her notes, she didn’t have a total meltdown.

Towards the middle of the debate I thought Biden hit his stride. He dominated on policy and substance as well as emotionally connecting with the viewer.

The bottom line is that Palin should be happy. Biden should be happy. McCain is still gonna lose.


2 thoughts on “Palin Vs. Biden

  1. I was disappointed with how lenient Biden was. Palin attacks Biden and Obama constantly, but he keeps most of his shots aimed at McCain. It would have been more interesting if he had cornered her on her own stances.

    Overall, i came away a bit scared (in a case where palin might become the VP). She is fairly put together, so long as she has days of intense coaching. She came off as ditzy enough that i felt the only way she will ever know what to say about something is if (and i don’t mean to sound sexist here) lots of old politicians tell her EXACTLY what to do/say. Could she ever stand up for herself or tell us what she really thinks?

    I was also disappointed there was no question about her beliefs about evolution. That would have been great, haha.

  2. I was surprised myself that Palin wasn’t able to tie Biden and Obama to Fannie/Freddie while Biden was able to tie McCain to deregulation pretty easily. There where a bunch of other things I was surprised Palin just missed the softballs coming at her.

    Any one who said it was a tie, wasn’t paying attention. Palin however, needed more than a tie, she needed to give McCain a boost like she did for the convention…and that didn’t happen.

    I don’t see how McCain pulls this one out, and now we return to single party politics and *gulp* Nancy Pelosi.

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