Big Night

In thinking about the debate tonight, I can only predict it will go very badly for Palin. While there have been solid moments for her in this campaign, but all of those moments were scripted by the use of tele-prompters. In every other public event where Palin was unscripted, she has proven to be a huge liability.

If she pulls of a surprisingly good performance and shows some command of the various issues, will it be enough to the campaigns momentum back? I am not sure. It would have to be a pretty glorious showing while at the same time Biden would have to curl up into a ball and start sucking his thumb.

So the bottom line here is that regardless of what happens in this debate, I don’t think it will shift things dramatically. The economic crisis we find ourselves in seems to really have benefited Obama and it could also minimize any kind of game changing moment. If Palin flames out, it will hurt McCain some but not any more than he’s already getting hit by his erratic showing during the past few weeks.


One thought on “Big Night

  1. I am so excited for tonight’s debate. I really think that there is a legitimate chance that Palin breaks down in tears. Jack Cafferty said it best when he said that he “will crawl through a barbwire fence naked to get a view of the debate”.

    T-minus 7 hours.

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