Looking Ahead to Thursday

I think Palin, in order to try to turn things around a bit, should go after Biden and Obama very aggressively. She should try to show some of that condescension she showed in her convention speech. If she does this effectively, it could throw Biden off a little and, even worse, it could entice him to hit back.

I think Biden should be chill. He should just sit back and make Palin earn it. He should direct all of his energy to challenging McCain and letting Palin either sink or swim.

Even though expectations for Palin are extremely low, I still think she’ll struggle just keeping up with the moderator let alone withstand any kind of mild challenge from Biden. All Biden needs to do is sit back and let Palin implode all on her own.


6 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Thursday

  1. Biden needs to try to stick to a script for once and tow the party platform. He goes off like a good old buddy arguing over a Yuengling with a bunch of buddies after work. My kind of people, but can be over the top politically incorrect.

  2. Agreed. I’ll be impressed (and I hope to be) if Palin comes out well spoken and swinging. And Biden, just relax man. No need to spit out flaming balls of fire. Nobody really cares about you all that much because you’ve said every word you’ve ever thought. Maybe if you calmed down a bit then you’d get an SNL parody of your own.

  3. Ahhh yes, tomorrow´s the big day. Can´t wait for another dose of American irony. If Palin can´t handle Katie Couric one on one in front of a camera, I don´t know how she will handle a debate. Oh, wait. I DO know how she will handle it. With one-liners that unfortunately half of our country seems to swallow. She probably only has to memorize twelve lines and just randomly throw them out there in no particular order and McCain will still be up in the polls. Biden could sit back and eat a turkey dinner, or be the best public speaker we´ve ever seen, it wouldn´t make any difference.

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