“All of ’em”

I want to think that Palin could have easily named the news sources that she frequents but was just too concerned about giving a wrong answer. This is such an easy question, yet she’s being so vague in order to avoid reprimand from her campaign advisors. She’s clearly not feeling free to answer questions based on her own instinct. I can just imagine the kind of pressure that’s being put on her to be mistake free and I think that’s making her interviews come off much more problematic. The only responses she feels comfortable giving are the ones she’s been coached on.

But with that said, the litmus test for anyone in public office is the ability to deflect when they can’t or don’t want to answer a particular question. It’s just bizarre that in Palin’s case, the questions of what kind of periodicals she reads is one of those questions.


3 thoughts on ““All of ’em”

  1. Answered like a true politician.
    “most of ’em.” “all of ’em” “whatever is put in front of me.”
    (“But I’m not going to say what you are trying to get out of me…”)
    Oh, tomorrow is going to be interesting.

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