First Debate Thoughts

When the debate ended I thought it was pretty much a draw. That being said, if it was a draw, that’s a bad thing for McCain. He needed a big night and while I do think he did better than many expected, I don’t think he did well enough to turn his fledgling campaign around.

When I watched the reaction on the various cable networks it seemed like the pundits were in line with my initial thoughts. But then the polls coming out across the board seem to favor Obama. That really surprises me. While I greatly preferred Obama’s performance to McCain’s, I was pretty much thinking it would be a wash with the voters.

I think if you were to watch the debate with the sound off, Obama was more presidential, more cool and collected. McCain didn’t even make eye contact with Obama indicating that he has contempt and condescension for his opponent. He came of as grumpy and old. It reminds me of the look I usually get from older conservative men when debating politics. It’s the look that reassures me I’m winning the debate.


3 thoughts on “First Debate Thoughts

  1. I’m watching (well, more like listening) to the debate right now. I know that the debate turns to foreign policy later on, but I am a little surprised that they started with the economy. To my mind, this debate ought to have either been entirely about foreign policy or entirely about the economy.

    Also: I cann’t recall ever seeing Mr. Lehrer before, but now that I have I see why people say that he is creepy. Those eyes! (shudders) That being said, I like that he is making them answer the questions that he has asked them.

  2. Zach, my thoughts exactly. Obama was cool and appeared calm and reasoning. McCain appeared flustered at times. I sometimes don´t know though if these impressions are fed by the fact that I´ve already decided who I´m voting for and so I look for my candidates strengths and the opponents weaknesses during the debates.

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