When either McCain or Palin are posed tough questions, their responses are “I don’t know the details…” or “I’ll have to get back to you on that……” or “I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring ’em to ya.” When the truth hurts, they just throw it out the window.


3 thoughts on “Unreal

  1. Barf. It gets more ludicrous every day. So being a maverick is now a euphemism for being inconsistent and unpredictable? How are those virtues for being a president?

  2. First of all, you know by now Zach that I’m not a fan of McCain-Palin–at all! So I think this ‘take’ should have some credence:

    I think that if the other candidates (McCain, Obama, and Biden) were questioned in the same way that Palin has been by Gibson and Couric, they would look like dunces, too.

    Here’s what I mean: When was the last time you saw a reporter come after Obama with hard follow-ups, asking for specific factual examples of things? Most of the interviews I watch give all the candidates the opportunity to spout theoretical, esoteric drivel that has only a little bit of substance. Then, the interviewer moves on with another topic or another question. Palin, however, is getting nailed to the wall by these reporters.

    I know that O’Reilly sort of pressed Obama, but that seemed more like belligerent incredulity than any request for substantiation of factual claims.

    I hope Palin is not in the White House, but I do have to say I’ve never seen them ask for so much specific information from a candidate. They are very focused on trapping her. I kind of like it; they should just put the pressure on the other candidates, too, and stop being the soft-ball lobbing pansies that they are.

    I miss Tim Russert! He seemed to ask the hard questions of everyone, and remain charitable at the same time.

  3. Matt, if McCain/Palin want to run on a change/reform platform and if McCain wants to talk about ridding Wall Street of “greed”, then Couric’s question a fair one. All Couric was asking for are some real examples of how McCain’s record matches his rhetoric.

    And the reason she kept asking the same question is because Palin wasn’t answering the question in a coherent fashion. Just repeating how McCain is a “maverick” isn’t good enough anymore.

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