No on 200

The so-called Payday Loan “Reform” Act would allow the payday lenders to bleed hard-working Arizonans with 400% interest rates. Forever.

The payday lending industry doesn’t want you to know it, but when it comes to protecting your pocketbook at the ballot box this November, “no” will mean “yes.”

A “NO” vote on the payday industry’s Prop 200 will mean “yes” to capping payday loans at 36% interest once and for all.

More info here.

One thought on “No on 200

  1. Zach,

    I have followed your discourse regarding the upcoming election over the past few months and enjoy reading your perspectives and thoughts on the upcoming election, and for the most part, agree with your worldview.

    But when the entire nation is in dire financial straits, and its people are looking to two men who are hundreds of miles away from most all of us, two men who have not felt the strains of paycheck-to-paycheck living in a very very long time (if ever), it is so refreshing to see a politically involved person attempting to focus attention on issues of local and state policy; issues which will affect our respective wallets and pocketbooks far more than many of the policies enacted in the District of Columbia. (not to marginalize the $400 Billion check we may get stuck with, but our cities and towns need new bridges, roads, and schools too.)

    I applaud you wholeheartedly for using your blog to focus attention on an issue of political importance in your home community. It’s nice to see that people have chosen to pay such close attention to candidates’ respective stances on the issues in this upcoming presidential election, but where do you suppose many of these same people will be next year, when their local selectmen/congressional representatives will be up for election, or when important referenda like the one you’ve chosen to post about are up for consideration? It always saddens me to read the exit polls in local and state elections (and I live in Massachusetts, perhaps the most democratically pretentious state in the union) so it was nice to see you choosing to shift your focus and attention onto local issues; I wish more people (around here, at least) were as passionate about issues affecting their communities as you are.

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