Palin’s Experience

Watch the video here that compares Palin’s experience with all previous vice presidents.

And still no press conference. What is she afraid of? What does she have to hide? It’s staggering that so many continue to support her cowardice.


4 thoughts on “Palin’s Experience

  1. If you go after Palin for a supposed lack of experience (as a qualification for being VP), you lose the argument. Game over. Done.

    Palin is the VP candidate, the “backup” candidate if you will.

    Obama is a first term senator who has spent the majority of his term running for president.

    I don’t see how you can pick on a VP candidate for lack of experience when the opposing party’s MAIN candidate doesn’t have any more himself?

  2. But to respond to your point, I don’t believe “experience” is going to be as much of a factor as “judgement” will be. Palin’s inexperience isn’t an indictment on her. It’s an indictment on McCain’s judgement that he chose her.

    You can say all day long that Palin is as “experienced” as Obama, but that doesn’t matter. Obama won his party’s nomination through a democratic process, winning millions of votes. He’s been tested and vetted for over a year doing interviews, giving press conferences and talking about his policy positions on all the issues. And in the midst of his career he shown what many believe to be very sound judgement.

    And as the polls continue to swing his direction, it seems a consensus is building in his favor.

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