Liberal Religious Bigotry Be Gone!

I am fan of Bill Mahr and I regularly watch his show, but I’ve always found his diatribes against people of faith severely over simplified. I guess we shouldn’t expect much nuance from comedian, but I am glad both Andrew Sullivan and challenged his clumsy religious bigotry. As a person of faith, I’m always happy to see folks like Sullivan fighting the good fight and reminding liberals that we aren’t all biblical literalists who ignore science in favor of magical/mythic belief.

One thought on “Liberal Religious Bigotry Be Gone!

  1. I listen to the podcast of Real Time with Bill Maher, so I hadn’t heard this yet. It’s so easy for Bill to lump Christians into one big fundamentalist group…I’m glad Andrew could articulate the thoughts of those of us that can have faith without wanting an American theocracy.

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