Fox News Gettin’ Sassy

The dishonesty coming out of this campaign is impossible to ignore, even for Fox News. Tucker Bounds says that we must base the truth of what Obama will do on Obama’s record. So by that logic, we must do the same for McCain who was originally against the Bush tax cuts. So even though McCain says he wants to make those tax cuts permanent, following the McCain campaign’s logic here, we must not believe him because he was previously against those cuts. I guess the only thing they can do when confronted with their blatant dishonesty is to concoct some ridiculous, backwards rationale to distract voters away from the truth.

Steve Benin at Washington Monthly has more.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Gettin’ Sassy

  1. SNL needs to get Dana Carvey back on to play Tucker Bounds. Don’t you agree?? What a character! I mean, just with a name like “Tucker Bounds,” he is ripe fodder for SNL parody.

  2. My goodness, this is just getting pathetic.

    I’m a Republican, and I think that my party needs to get shellacked in this election. I don’t know what else will shake-up and wake-up a party and get them running honorable campaigns and presenting competent candidates.

    “If we take Barack Obama at his word, he’s going to part oceans, heal the sick…”

    Did the McCain campaign spokesman really say that?

  3. The talking heads for the McCain campaign make me want to throw up. They can’t seem to think rationally–everything that comes out of their mouths are talking points that they repeat over and over.

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