GOP Change: Less Taxes, More War

This guy is a Coen Brothers character waiting to be written. Welcome to the Hannity/Rush/Kristol infused GOP!

(Update: Apparently this same delegate guy was robbed by a woman he brought up to his room during the convention. Click here for the story.)

6 thoughts on “GOP Change: Less Taxes, More War

  1. After reading the story of him getting robbed, it is apparent that he is loaded. (A belt valued at $1,000) How does an idiot like this end up rich? It angers me.

    My thanks go out to the Robin Hood lady of the night.

  2. Well, Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, so we don’t know if that particular analogy is accurate. That being said… it kinda looks good on the guy, doesn’t it?

  3. i wonder if that guy had some time to get a run in?

    i suppose that would only be funny if you’ve seen the newest coen brothers movie.

    or maybe it still wouldn’t be funny.

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