Palin: Rockstar or Opening Act?

Bob Lefsetz sorts it out:

The faster your ride to the top, the quicker your ride to the bottom. If Sarah Palin doesn’t become Vice President, she’ll be forgotten, an historic footnote. Maybe a brilliant ploy by the Republicans to win the election, but there’s not enough substance to maintain. Hell, if she wins, the public will turn on her. Since most Americans are for abortion, since most Americans don’t share her opinions. Kinda like the aforementioned Jessica Simpson. Now that her TV show is gone, why are we interested? We can’t remember, and we’ve tuned out.

If you want to have a long career in music, you’ve got to practice and pay your dues. If you want people to believe in you, you have to make your own choices, not based on expediency or instant money, but what FEELS RIGHT! You can’t play to the masses, but your fans. People have to BELIEVE!

You must exude talent. A pretty face is not enough. Substance must triumph over surface appeal. If you don’t play and write your own songs you must pick material with heft, that exudes honest emotion or makes a statement. Song doctors are AGAINST this! They want to write something so bland that everybody can like it, for an instant, like Pixy Stix.

Being a rock star is being able to say no.

Being a rock star is leaving money on the table.

Being a rock star is taking a stand.

The press built Sarah Palin. She had one good performance, now what? She’s had a hit single, performing at the Republican National Convention. But like an auto-tuned automaton, she’s afraid of speaking off the cuff, letting her true self out, and we tune out, because we want AUTHENTICITY! I don’t have speechwriters, I’m forced to answer the question, AREN’T YOU?

If only she had a bit more seasoning. Had played a few more clubs. Knew more about foreign policy before she hit the big time. It’s like she went straight from house concerts to arenas. She’s not READY! And we know it!

Then again, she’s just the opening act.

But when the headliner gets sick, they usually cancel the gig, they don’t make the opening act carry the show, because IT CAN’T!

You can read the whole article here.


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