First Taste of Palin Minus a Prompter

Thoughts? To me this seemed awkward and Palin appeared to be dodging an actual answer on preemptive invasion issue. And how does she not know the Bush doctrine? At least she knows now, right? Learnin’ on the fly. Gotta love it.



7 thoughts on “First Taste of Palin Minus a Prompter

  1. Eh. I really tried to go into watching the interview as unbiased as possible, but I just got a bizarre vibe from her as it progressed. I’m struggling to articulate it, but it was a mixture of tension, pride, defensiveness, nervousness, and even a touch of condescension (whoa, a lot of adjectives there) which all combined to have her come off as abrasive to me. I got the sense that she was coached to go into this interview “to win” and to show not even a glimmer of uncertainty or weakness, rather than to try to communicate relationally.

    As a parting thought, I, personally, would prefer that our leaders do “blink” a bit when facing massively complex decisions with monumentally repercussions at stake…

  2. I agree Bam, I felt like her answers were like hammer blows. When someone truly has a grasp of a subject, I think they’re more conversational and less defensive. I felt like she was hoping that if she answered the question forcefully enough she wouldn’t get a follow-up. It will play to her base (where everything is black and white) but I’m not sure if independents will want 4 more years of that.

  3. States the obvious. My question is how often she will use the words “peace” in relation to war and how often “war” will be used in reference to “last resort”. That Obama has been clear that war is always a last resort means that he understands what a just war is and the conditions that make it just. That’s why he comes out ahead. She assumes that war is a first option in the world and that this first option is just as a result. So the logic is to make war an last resort when the need for it to be a first option is exhausted by that same unjust policy. Sounds Machiavellian doesn’t it?

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