Banning Books?

Only rhetorical? That’s difficult to believe, especially since the librarian was fired two weeks later. But I’m sure it’s justified since she was trying to ban gay books, right?


3 thoughts on “Banning Books?

  1. Were any books banned? According to the piece, no. So I am not sure you can connect the dots. It seems that if the librarian was fired for not banning books, someone would have been hired that would and books would have been removed. And maybe I missed it but no one interviewed here ever said a word about Palin banning books because they were gay. The comments about the church wanting them gone was anecdotal at best. So is the piece fair? And are you being fair here?

  2. If you buy the explanation and it all adds up for you, that’s fine Rich. But I don’t think one would have to be overly cynical to connect these dots:

    -Palin’s church wants to ban books
    -Palin gets elected as mayor
    -Palin asks librarian her position on banning books.
    -Librarian says absolutely not
    -Librarian was fired

    Why even ask the question if you’re not at all interested in banning books? No books were banned because the community freaked out when the librarian was fired and she was then reinstated. I don’t think Palin is gonna pull the trigger on banning books after that kind of public dust up.

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