Lefsetz on the VMAs

I love Bob Lefsetz:

Can we all agree that MTV ruined music? Changed it from something you hear into something you see? From aural to visual? From life force to entertainment?

You know how you know MTV is done? THE PAINT IS NO LONGER DRIPPING OFF THE LOGO! The original team fought for that, it was their cheekiness, their evidence of revolution, the flickering flame of the irreverent sixties. But that era is truly done. This show couldn’t be more whored out. Is Verizon V-Cast a band? God, I didn’t know you could suck a cell phone company’s dick, but MTV is doing its best. To think we used to revere bands, not brands.

In an era of YouTube, of user-generated content, this show is an anachronism that makes one weep. Twenty five years? It’s time to can it. The VMAs used to be the countercultural event of the year, the hipsters’ award show. Now, it’s so establishment, so lame, as to have fallen to the bottom of the heap. At least people are drunk and go off script on the Golden Globes.

I saw only little bits of pieces of the VMAs but what I saw completely confused me. I think Bob summed it up quite well.

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