Joe B. on Fire

This is effective stuff. The Dems should take this message and run with it.

5 thoughts on “Joe B. on Fire

  1. you have posted quite a bit on the greatness of your home state. i will finally get to explore it in october. i will now get to judge for myself.

    october should be nice right?

  2. Good stuff. Not only is the message effective, but delivering it is definitely Biden’s strong suit, as well. I’m glad they’re tapping into that.

  3. “…Last 8 years of failure”….with all due respect Mr. Biden (and yes, I am indeed from his great state of Delaware), shouldn’t your democratic party, who ran congress for the past 2 years take at least some of that blame? Did you vote for the Iraq War? Yes. Yes you did.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am neither a Bush or McCain supporter..I’m one of those crazy Ron Paul guys. But things like this always make me angry.

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