Obama Talks to Papa Bear

If Palin is truly Obama’s equal in this race, then I’d love to see her talk to the progressive equivalent of Bill O’Reilly. Maybe Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow. We may have to wait a long time for that to happen, if at all. The McCain campaign seems to think she doesn’t need to prove herself in this way. She’s being sent back to Alaska to raise some funds for the campaign and as of right now, she has yet to be scheduled for any kind of substantive interviews or press conferences. Read more about McCain’s Palin plan right here.

3 thoughts on “Obama Talks to Papa Bear

  1. I want to see Bill O’reilly use that same condescending “no-spin” approach with Sarah Palin. I honestly cannot see how someone can take his over-the-top authoritarian bulls#!t seriously. Granted I’m an Obama supporter, but I was impressed with how he handled having to “dumb it down” for the “folks”.

  2. The equivalent to O’Reilly is Bill Mahar. Like THAT would EVER happen. She could not hack it. The sweet Alaskan pitbull with lipstick would not be able to parry his thrusts. Wait…that came out wrong.

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