Still Not Making the Case

McCain needs to concede this point and just admit that he chose Palin not for her executive or phantom foreign policy credentials, but because he likes her as a person and he feels in his gut that she embodies the kind of gut level leadership that he takes pride in. This isn’t a dig on Palin. Why should she be a foreign policy expert while her responsibility has been to tend to the domestic needs of her state?

This is about the confusion of John McCain’s priorities. Is it experience? Or is it leadership and judgement? This VP pick seems to concede that it’s the latter and if that’s the case, fair game. But I think McCain is grossly overestimating his reputation for sound judgement and it’s turning out the this VP pick is another example of his rash, unmeasured decision making he’s exhibited since he lost in 2000.

(Update: In response to this interview, McCain takes his ball and goes home.)


8 thoughts on “Still Not Making the Case

  1. That was just frustrating to watch.

    I really don’t feel terribly excited about either party. As an independent though, I feel like the RNC is making a fool of itself on a daily basis.

  2. I heard someone ask something this morning that I’m surprised no one has asked yet: Would McCain have picked Palin if she were a man? A mayor of a small town and short term governor with so many unknowns? Is she really the BEST Republican candidate for that job? Really?

  3. is Barack Obama really the BEST Democratic candidate for that job?

    If this video does anything, (and I admit his tactics are silly) it demonstrates a solid point that needs to be made.

    Barack Obama has never executed the domestic needs of any state or city (sure he has voted on laws, but never executed them). He has never been a boss…private or public sector…How then is he qualified to run the domestic federal government of the United States?

    Clinton made this point back during the nomination process…

    “He abstained from voting…a pass is a lazy no…how can we have a president that can’t even say yes or no?”

    the Obama camp should check the plank in their eye before pointing out the speck in the McCain camp.

    Here are some “earmarks” you have to eat by voting for this Democratic ticket:

    proliferation of abortion
    expansion of stem cell research
    higher taxes
    increased government spending (expansion of national debt)
    creation of more blundered federal programs
    the nomination of some crazy lib supreme court justice
    the invasion of Pakistan
    ignoring the “small” threat of Iran
    and perhaps an attack on Isreal.


    and Joe Biden has been asked to not present himself for communion in his catholic church…

    you know, the one that has 300 million voters in the US.

  4. well, I am not a harvard grad… close though I graduated from Berklee College of Music. must be a boston thing…

    but thanks anyway.

    but he is correct about the media being a bit biased.

    If you want unbiased social and political teaching, watch EWTN.

  5. in all seriousness though, you owe it to yourself to realize that your argument about Palin needs to be directed at Obama…He really is failing to make his case.
    And your little disccussion on this blog are a distraction from it.

    The man is trying to the president of the United States.

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