She has a good foreign policy background because Alaska is close to Russia? Please. If this is an indication of the kinds of responses the McCain campaign will have for those challenging Palin’s foreign policy credentials, this will not be pretty.

(HT: Daily Dish)

23 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I don’t think it is fair to expect his wife to give cogent political arguments. I mean, could your wife fill in on the drums if you weren’t available? Probably not.

    At the same time, I guess she agreed to go on the show and take questions, so she has to be ready to answer whatever comes her way.

    In any case, I doubt that Cindy would play a large policy-making role in the White House should her husband take office.

  2. You’re probably right, Matt. I’m not too worried about Cindy’s foreign policy expertise. But one would assume she, and others in campaign are being coached on how to respond to questions like these. The McCain campaign isn’t going to let her just wing it while being interviewed on a major network news show. At least I hope not.

  3. Yeah…

    well, the republican’s first lady may not be too up on foreign policy. and that is fine.
    But when it comes to qualifications…Alaska does have a little know how. They happen to be flown near every single week by russian strategic bomber flights that have resumed over the arctic circle. They also happen to house over 55 strategic missle sites for the USAF….and thier national guard and coast guard see more “action” than any other state combined.

    Second, the second person on the republican ballot as more foreign policy, executive and “real life” experience the first person on the republican ballot.

    Third, what the heck do you know about foreign policy? How many tours did you pull? How many children do you have in Iraq?

  4. “Second, the second person on the republican ballot as more foreign policy, executive and “real life” experience the first person on the republican ballot.”

    You don’t really mean that do you, Jason?

    Oh, and this is from the AP:

    “Maj. Gen. Craig Campbell, adjutant general of the Alaska National Guard, considers Palin “extremely responsive and smart” and says she is in charge when it comes to in-state services, such as emergencies and natural disasters where the National Guard is the first responder.

    But, in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, he said he and Palin play no role in national defense activities, even when they involve the Alaska National Guard. The entire operation is under federal control, and the governor is not briefed on situations.”

  5. Also, Jason, are you saying that serving tours in Iraq or having kids in Iraq by default gives you foreign policy experience? Not sure I follow that logic. By that criteria, we’d have to dismiss a lot of very wise foreign policy experts.

  6. Honestly…who the heck has ever been wise in foreign policy? …who is an expert?

    George W. Bush? I mean he’s been doing it for 8 years with some of the best experts in the world talking into both his ears.

    Yeah, let’s dismiss them.

    Palin does have a son in Iraq…but hey, so does big Joe.

    I think they have a little interest involved to motivate some learning about foreign happenings.

    So how can we be critical of “know how”, when the very people with “know how” screw up bad.

    For example,

    I have a Phd in music, but I still use a met when I am in the practice room…

    and every once and while, some 18 year old drummer from who know’s where just comes along with so much natural talent that I am humbled…right away.

    Here you have an AP example of a 2 star commending a person on their leadership…(from experience)

    sure she may not be briefed…

    but here is the question I want to elicit. Has Obama ever been commended (from experience) by a two star general?

    sure, he is a great community organizer (from experience)…but Mother Teresa was better…

    but she was against the atrocity of abortion…that just would not have gelled with the democrats.

  7. The point I’m making isn’t to discredit Palin. In her role as governor, she was not required to know the ins and outs of foreign policy and for good reason. It was not her responsibility. Instead, she spent all of her time focusing on the needs of her state and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s to be commended.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that if she is qualified to be vice president, the burden is on her and her campaign to prove it and prove it convincingly. This stuff about her having foreign policy experience because Alaska is in proximity to Russia is totally laughable! And there are plenty of conservatives to agree. All I’m saying is that that they better step it up if they want to build a case that she’s ready. If this is all they have, then not many will be convinced.

  8. One example is that the both the Iraqi prime minister and president Bush have agreed on a timetable for withdrawal that is actually very similar to the plan Obama proposed months ago. And the fact that many generals have endorsed Obama says something as well. I don’t think many generals of our armed forces are lining up to endorse Palin’s foreign policy and commader-in-chief credentials.

    While Obama certainly doesn’t have the kind of experience John McCain or Joe Biden have, he’s shown solid judgement, some would argue more sound than both McCain and Biden had in approving the use of force in Iraq. And to suggest that Palin is Obama’s equal on foreign policy issues is really, really stretching it.

    I think Palin will learn a lot and I don’t doubt her ability to grow into a leader on foreign policy matters. But as far as this campaign is concerned, she doesn’t have a whole lot of time to make her case and it’s very easy to make mistakes when cramming for a test as big as this. If she can avoid any awkward gaffes, great. But I think that’s a tall order for anyone in her position. November is a long way away.

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