My advice for McCain and/or Obama


Don’t delay the GOP convention. Carry on the convention as planned, but instead of McCain spending any time in Minneapolis, he should post him self in the heart of Gustav’s wake, helping with the relief effort. Don’t spend anytime with reporters, don’t give any staged interviews. Just roll up your sleeves, work with relief agencies and commit himself for a week to the recovery effort. When it comes time to accept the nomination, give the acceptance speech from the area most devastated by the storm and pipe the feed into the convention arena. What better way to counter Obama’s historic night at Mile High Stadium. Turn the unfortunate timing of the storm into a positive by proving you are not the same, clueless leader that Bush is. Champion those who’ve been hit hard by the storm as well as committing to double down on the effort to rebuild N.O..


If McCain doesn’t take my advice, do the exact same thing. While the GOP is lambasting Obama’s character at the convention, he’ll be working in the most hardly hit areas, no press, no bullshit. Just pitching in while the GOP is piling on.


10 thoughts on “My advice for McCain and/or Obama

  1. Good idea for the candidates, bad idea for first responders and those they are there to help. High profiles hitting the ground in the wake of a disaster is bad enough. To do it for political reasons (and let’s be honest, that would be one of the big reasons for both would do it) is just worse. I think they can both find ways to assist in this without getting in the way of first responders. Let’s not slow those folks down anymore than needed.

  2. yeah, rich. that’s a good point. i do concede that their presence might be a hinderance, but on the flip side, it could inspire others to pitch in as well. i was basing my advice on idea that both candidates could be present without the assistance of local officials and without the press, tagging along. on the whole, you are probably right here and it might be wisest to let the responders do their job, without distraction.

  3. I knew where you were coming from, I just can’t imagine the press and other assorted gawkers and limelight seekers staying out of the way. If they did, it would be a first.

  4. Would it be wrong…to pray for rain? Say tropical rain on a certain day when a certain religious political party was having a convention? On a day that would ironically remind an entire country of the incompetence, selfishness and bigotry of the religious right?
    Would it be wrong to rub James Dobson’s face in fact that the chance of rain at Obama’s speech was 0% and “his god” sent a hurricane to rip the scab off one of their biggest failures and “ruin” their convention!? Let me answer that for you: YES IT WOULD BE WRONG! And that is the difference between he and I, I know right from wrong.
    Oh and James Dobson should try closing his mouth and getting off his ASS! I’m still looking for the video from him that asks for prayer for the people losing their lives and livelihoods due to drought worldwide or prayer for hurricane victims or him asking his followers and their churches to open their doors to evacuees. Oh but “those people” must be getting what they deserve from James Dobson’s petty god. They’re underprivileged anyway, it’s probably working out quite well for them(to quote Barbara Bush).

  5. I would not think you would think it was a bad idea. It was yours. However, it would cause chaos, it would allow for the politicization of a tragedy and it would undermine the president at a time when he should not be undermined (unless he undermines himself, which is possible).

    We live in a political realm and this is campaign season. That is the reality.

    Just think about it. So, the presidential candidates should go to the places a hurricane just hit with their secret service details and hundreds of press, plus other hangers on and “pitch in” to help while getting in the way of the first responders. they cannot go and roll us their sleeves because they must have protection and the press must follow a story.

    The only right thing to do is to stay away from that area. Show your class by letting the president handle it. You are not the president and need not act like it. be classy and don’t do anything that smacks of using this tragedy for political purposes (like being seen on TV in the area acting “presidential.””

    I would love it if we lived in a world where your idea would work, but we live in a cynical world and if anyone took that advice they would cause trouble or be crucified.

  6. Rick, I think the larger point you’re making here is correct. It probably would cause more problems than it would solve, and if you took a bit to read the other comments, I’ve conceded that much.

    I did specify that it would only be beneficial if they ditched the press and the normal entourage. Is that realistic? Probably not, so I can see how it, in theory, may be a fine idea, but realistically, not so much. (see that Rick, it was my own idea but I’m conceding that it’s a bad one. i’m capable of that!)

    But I do have a hard time with your reason that any action taken by either candidate would undermine Bush? How Bush has any credibility or any authority to be undermined here is hard to follow.

    Thanks for taking the time to elaborate! 🙂

  7. I think its a good idea. But, almost impossible to carry out without it appearing to just be for political points. The only good way to do it would be without the press finding out…just take a camera crew yourself, so that the press/people aren’t in the way of the real relief effort. Think Prince Harry serving in the British army.

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