Donald Miller’s Benediction

In cased you missed it, here it is. I was watching MSNBC and they didn’t broadcast the prayer. You could see Donald on stage behind the commentators, but there was no audio feed. In the end, I really do fail to see how this prayer is an “unequivocal endorsement” of Obama.

By the way, Donald is looking mighty dapper these days. I barely recognized him.


8 thoughts on “Donald Miller’s Benediction

  1. wow, he’s lost a bunch of weight, good for him!

    good video, i think he’d be a fun guy to chill with. side note, you know him personally ?

    wonder if my perception of him is correct or not.


  2. Having seen this (and even before) I think the right person got the “job”. I respect the way in which Don handled the whole thing with humility and humor, Cameron…not so much.

  3. it’s good thing there was a christian there to ‘shine light in the darkness’…….sarcasm

    it was a good prayer and if you didn’t know it was the DNC then you would think it could have been the RNC as well.

    the RNC should invite him too.

  4. someone pointed out that perhaps his weather comment at the beginning was a subtle slam against that terrible focus on the family video…. if so, kudos don!

  5. It may not be as cool as CNN, but CSPAN shows everything without all the commentary. They showed the entirety, up through the benediction and vote to dismiss for the night. And I agree, Donald did a great job!

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