Cameron Strang on Fox

Here is a video clip of Strang talking about his decision to back out of the giving a benediction at the DNC convention.

First, I appreciate Strang’s plea for a more holistic outline of pro-life policies. I think the notes he hits in regard to the abuse of war and economic oppression are much needed coming from a Christian perspective.

With that being said, I have to say that I have a big problem with his overall assumption that, because he edits a Christian magazine geared towards the evangelical youth, he somehow feels he can speak for an entire generation of Christians. On more than one occasion in this video clip, Strang claims the authority to sum up the position of “our generation of Christians.” More accurately, he might be representing the kinds of Christians who read his magazine or comment on his forums, but I have some news for Mr. Strang. We all don’t read your magazine and we don’t like it when folks, such as yourself, claim to speak for an entire generation Christians.

This all seems really fishy to me. In the end it worked out because I feel Donald Miller is a fantastic choice. But it doesn’t really ad up. Strang seemed to be ok praying at the event when he thought it was a lower profile appearance. But since he realized that it would be on the main podium, his desire to bring “light to the darkness” wasn’t worth the potential of bad public relations.

I’m reminded of the purity laws of the Pharisees which Jesus lived in public opposition to. He brazenly ignored these kinds of distinctions in order to display love for the “other.” He wasn’t afraid of the fall out for these choices and as a result, he profoundly challenged the divisive assumptions of his day.

For some reason Strang believes that praying with someone or a group of people means that you endorse those individuals and their choices. But prayer, public or private, with others or for others is not an endorsement of our fellow brothers and sisters. It’s an endorsement of God’s work in the lives of us all, be it liberal, conservative, gay, straight, muslims, christians, jews and so on.

Thankfully, Donald Miller understands this:

Why did you choose to accept the invitation?

Somebody calls you and asks you to pray, you do.


9 thoughts on “Cameron Strang on Fox

  1. i think he was just operating under some fear. i can kind of understand his dilemma there, it’s totally human. donald miller would be better anyway because he actually supports barack obama and is a registered democrat.
    you’re link goes to a story that you can read, there is no video….unless i just don’t see the link either.

    that light in the darkness quote could have been left out on his part. he should have thought about the kind of reaction he may get from that.

  2. I have said this before. If this was an open forum, it would have been different. The DNC knows that Cameron runs a major magazine. They want that democratic of voters. If it were just about a prayer, they would have found a local minister. No, this was about votes. Also, Cameron represents an entire company. Don doesn’t. The situations were entirely different.

  3. Jon, isn’t it possible to publicly pray with/for someone and at the same time make clear you don’t endorse their platform? This whole defense seems to paint Cameron as much more influential than he really is and Christians much less intelligent than they actually are.

  4. I think his assumption that he speaks for a whole group of people is a common assumption that people that work in media make. They spend their days trying to put themselves into the head-space of their target audience and come out the other side thinking they are completely inside the heads of their audience. (I remember years ago MTV upsetting youth by saying they owned 12- 19 year olds)

    It think that there are a lot of people that will say “hey Donald Miller support Obama… I think I’ll vote for him now” I certainly hope that isn’t what will happen, but I think that voting choices happen in all sorts of uneducated ways. They key (and what I think Miller gets and Strang dosen’t) is where is there more chance of making a difference by being there or staying away. To stand a give a prayer of wisdom and hope for change is better than staying away because someone might think it has the wrong apearance….and as you have said, more in line with what Jesus might have done (not to sound like a bracelet)

  5. both parties need Jesus help to make decisions. whether i always agree with the democratic side i still want them to make good decisions for the country and do the right things that will benefit everyone. mr strang should have taken that opportunity. but don did great and i hope that the Holy Spirit was evident to the people that filled the room.

  6. Good post. Miller knows what he’s there for.

    Obama and his aides seem to be actually listening to those of faith. It’s not the put-up job of W., nor the let’s-throw-them-a-bone of Hillary.

    It seems to me that both parties have chosen slates that are far ahead of those of recent years. I’m with Obama, but respect McCain much. This will be close. It will sometimes be really really dirty (and too many TV pundits will, as always, take the dirt too seriously). And it will be fun to watch and take part in.

    When the smoke clears, W. *will* be leaving. The best news of all.

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