Donald Miller at the DNC Convention

He’ll be giving the benediction tomorrow night and you can read his thoughts in this Christianity Today article. He replaces Cameron Strang, head editor of Relevant Magazine, who cited not wanting to show favoritism as his reason for pulling out. I’m not quite sure I understand his rationale, but the excerpt below from his website spells it out pretty clearly:

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in possibly praying at the Democratic National Convention. Taken aback, but intrigued at the opportunity, I accepted. What better way to continue positive dialogue, show support for an emphasis on faith issues and pray in a forum where faith isn’t typically thought to be emphasized? To quote someone close to me—and meaning no disrespect whatsoever to Christian Democrats—it was a chance to be “light in the darkness.”

Ugh. Spare me. Self-righteous much?

Bobby: “Hey Fred, you want to come over for dinner tonight? My mother is making her famous meatloaf.”

Fred: “I’ll pass, Bobby. It’s just that…….and I mean no disrespect when I say this but……you’re mom’s a terrible cook and everything she makes makes me want to puke. But I mean that in the nicest way possible. You understand, right? I’ll swing by for dessert if that’s cool.”

….and scene.


4 thoughts on “Donald Miller at the DNC Convention

  1. couldn’t have said it better zach. plus, i like donald miller a ton.
    side note, my introduction to blue like jazz , and donald miller ,was the start of my ‘awakening’, from being a caricature of a stereotype to having my mind blown wide open that maybe i’ve been ‘doing it all wrong’. and shortly after was ‘bird by bird’ by anne lamott.

    now i wish even more i was there to see him. did you see him when he was here in town last year? he spoke at CCV, it was totally worth the money.


  2. Danno, I read “Blue Like Jazz” and “Traveling Mercies” by Anne Lamott around the same time and my experience parallels your’s. I read someone say of Anne Lamott that she was “the first Christian that told them the truth”. I feel this way about both of them. Looking forward to seeing Don tonight.
    There are some interesting responses to the Donald Miller interview on the “Christianity Today” site.

  3. It is funny (scary?) how people can feel so strongly about something to the point that they demonize other people and their beliefs as the “dark side”. Never happens here right? Depends on who you ask I guess.

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